Friday, April 9, 2010


With Summer time on the way (at last!) I have started shopping for a hopefully warmer climate. The first piece of summer clothing that comes to my mind? bikinis. dun dun dunnn, yes its that time again to bear all ladies. Not my favourite piece of clothing but they always so god damn pretty!
Lately I'm in love with neon bikinis they look just as good on just about every skintone. Last weekend I bought two from Topshop, I just couldnt resist. The first being a neon coral with frill detail and the second a probably more flattering shape in an off black colour which will look amazing with a tan. I will be going to France and Italy during the summer so at least they will get to see a bit of sunlight!
Anyone have exciting plans for the summer?

Neon Coral Top: £8 Bottoms: £7
Twist Front Top: £12 Short Bottoms: £7

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have only really taken notice lately, but i seem to be different sizes in different shops!
I would count myself as a small size 10 but i often end up have to buy a size 12 top in certain shops..the main offenders being River Island and sometimes Miss Selfridge. I'm not sayin it's always the case but i always have to make sure to try something on before purchasing as I have had to return a few pieces before, because of this problem. This especially happens with high-waisted skirts or going out tops.It's not that big of a dilemma but it does depress me a bit, feeling like i have gained a dress size. Does this happen to anyone else, or is it just me? And if so, what shops get the thumbs down from you?..

Monday, March 8, 2010


love this so much, amazing floral detail on the burberry coat and those shoes are,
and i just can't get over how beautiful she is!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I love how excited Pixie gets to see Alexa :)
This is cool.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Miss Selfridge has teamed up with Disney to create a  collection of vests and t-shirts each with different illustrations of the film, 'Alice in Wonderland'. These include the Cheshire Cat, Queen of hearts and an I'm late rabbit vest.
I can't wait to see the new film and these tops look very cute with the prices at £16-£20..not bad!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010


Gold Nail Polish
Saying Yes
Less is More Makeup
Leather/Denim & Florals

Cold Wet Weather
Mid-term Break Being Over..Back to the Books
Boringly Average Days
Tarty Girls on Nights Out, Wear Some Fuckin Tights! it's -6°C
My Hair...Ugh

The Jam - A Town Called Malice


It's seem like lately everyone is talking about transfer tattoos (No, not the type you used to get from those machines down at the shops when you were 8)
This is all thanks to Rodarte, Jean Paul Gaultier and, most notably Chanel.

As I'm a total wuss and would never get a real one, this idea seems like a fun alternative :)
Most seem to be a cross between a tattoo and a piece of jewellery, are available in a wild range of colours and last for around 4 days.

Prices start at €14.99 from which isn't too bad for one of this year's biggest trends!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


When it comes to jewellery this season, more is definitely good. Ring stacking, wearing two or more rings on one finger, is the hot trend for 2010 and Daisy Jewellery has some excellent examples.

The fashion editors at Cosmopolitan and Grazia magazine are already huge fans of ring stacking and Daisy Jewellery is fast becoming a favourite with celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan and makeup artist Jemma Kidd.

Individual rings range in price from €30 to €94...which is fairly steep but there is a lot of choice from ring just as nice in highstreet shops such as Miss Selfridge, Dorethy Perkins and of course Primark! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Scumbody Told Me - Arctic Monkeys Vs. The Killers

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Olivia Rubin is a young British designer whos cute dresses have been seen on Cheryl Cole, Fearne Cotton, Agyness Deyn and Lily Allen to name but a few. Paint splash prints, graphic shapes and pearl tones feature in her new collection and here are two of my favourites..



PS. 5 off of 100 followers :O holy cow can't believe it, thanks guys :) x

Monday, February 22, 2010


Marina Diamandis or 'Marina and the Diamonds' which is her stage name, is set to be one of this years biggest music stars. Growing up in Wales with her Welsh mother and Greek father, she has been compared to the likes of Kate Bush with her musical style ranging from keyboard-based ballads to more up-tempo new wave-style songs with full band backing. She quickly rose to fame after reaching number two on the BBC Sound of 2010 poll list, coming second to Ellie Goulding, whom I also like . I love Marina's eclectic sense of style which isn't just about trying to be noticed (see Miss GaGa) She wears exciting and classic clothes that compliment her amazing figure and lets her great personality shine through...Can't wait to see and hear more.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


These shoes are just too flippin cool, the stud detail on the wedge heel is just amazing..biker chic anyone? They are by Jeffrey Campbell and will set you back $150...hmm counting them as an investment piece might lessen my guilt just a little.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tag: What'sInYourMakeupBag?

Urban Decay - Primer Potion
GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer
Max Factor Lasting Performance 102
N.Y.C. Mosaic Face Powder
Benefit Coralista
Benefit Dandelion
Benefit High Beam
Elf All Over Colour Stick
Urban Decay/Rimmel/Bourjois
Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner
L'Oreal Volume Collagene Mascara
Lip Balm:
Cherry Chapstick
Rimmel Lipstick - Airy Fairy
Revlon -  Pink Pout
Benefit - Calafornia Kissin'
Nail Varnish:
Barry M - Pink Flamingo
H&M - My Favourite Jeans
Essence - Rock Rebell
Bourjois - Rose Corset

Tag You're It! ;)


How to achieve Alexa's look for the launch of her Madewell Collection..

Navy dELiAs Adrian Dress Coat
Velvet French Connection Shorts
Military Style Forever 21 Boots
Leopard Print Red Herring Belt


Premium Satin Longline Blazer €82.00 from Topshop.
Stripe Zip Back Dress €75.00 from Oasis.
Chain loop necklace €3.00 Penneys/Primark
Mango Snake Effect Clip Clutch and Chain Bag €37.65

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Acne Summer 2010 Collection

Just look at those metal plated leggings...I want a pair so bad. A lot of tassle detailing in this collection too such as the black leggings and suede blazer. The collection doesn't exactly strike me as summery though..what do you thing?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


"Singing takes over your whole body and your brain. It’s like coming back from a weird place every time you stop"

One of my favourite bands at the moment is 'Florence + the Machine' who's frontwoman is the lovely and quirky Florence Welch. I saw them live in Dublin recently and  loved how she interacted so well with the crowd. To me her style is effortless and personal, it really shows her kooky personality and isn't too groomed which is what i really like about her.


Alexa Chung's collection for Madewell....LOVE IT!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Step 1: Wash and dry your hair, rinse well ensuring not to leave any conditioner. Comb through gently to take out any knots.

Step 2: Add a small amount of serum to your hair and some light mouse at the roots will help give your hair volume. Blow dry your hair with your head down and using paddle brush

Step 3: When your hair is completely dry backcomb it to give lots of volume towards the back of your head. When your hair has the desired volume take two sections of hair from the front and pin them back loosely. Leave some strands of hair towards the front of your face to emulate the Brigitte Bardot look. Use your favourite hairspray (mine is Wella's Silvikrin in firm hold) to hold the style.


Monday, February 15, 2010


It may not be the real thing, but i'm sure it's a hell of a lot more entertaining. Check out (fake) Karl Lagerfeld's Twitter - FakeKarl

Here are a few funny things he has tweeted..

- "Wondering why a man's wearing a baseball cap in front row. Did he mistake the show for Disney World?"

- "Apparently it's Valentine's day. Human emotion bores me."

- "Coco Chanel didn't "invent" or "create" the little black dress - she stole it. And managed to convince everyone it was her idea."

- "Whipping the seamstresses. It's couture. That's what you pay for, hm?"

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Penneys/Primark Purse
Swamp Tunic
Penneys/Primark Scarf
Topshop Skirt

I had a good weekend :) spent Saturday with the girls in Dublin and then went out that night to a club launch which was pretty amazing. Sunday was spent recovering under my duvet with copious amounts of tea & toast...yumm. Off college for the week so going to catch up with some work and visit my parents, can't wait :D Hope you all had a lovely weekend however you spent it! x

Best Coast - When I'm With You


Loving this look lately and it's so easy to achieve, just throw on a few random bracelets and bangles making sure to keep the sizes and colours varied, you can also add a cute watch or some friendship bracelets. Gummy bracelets seem to be making a come back lately...who'd have known!

Saturday, February 13, 2010