Friday, April 9, 2010


With Summer time on the way (at last!) I have started shopping for a hopefully warmer climate. The first piece of summer clothing that comes to my mind? bikinis. dun dun dunnn, yes its that time again to bear all ladies. Not my favourite piece of clothing but they always so god damn pretty!
Lately I'm in love with neon bikinis they look just as good on just about every skintone. Last weekend I bought two from Topshop, I just couldnt resist. The first being a neon coral with frill detail and the second a probably more flattering shape in an off black colour which will look amazing with a tan. I will be going to France and Italy during the summer so at least they will get to see a bit of sunlight!
Anyone have exciting plans for the summer?

Neon Coral Top: £8 Bottoms: £7
Twist Front Top: £12 Short Bottoms: £7